06 February 2007

3-2-1 chilllll

I've been trying to "chill out" this year. Whatever that entails - I
guess, just making some time for myself and not running around like a
mad woman (or, at least after I run around like a mad woman, make sure
I have some chill time). It's hard to say NO...there are too many
things I want to do!

Anyways, I went to salsa class tonight for
the first time in about 3 or 4 months. It was *so* good to see Jaime!
He really is a dear!

I've been listening to a lot of Cesaria Evora lately. She has an amazing voice...kind of the aural equivalent of a molten, bittersweet, dark chocolate souffle . . . she sings traditional Fado (very chill) songs, as well as choro and samba. Anyways, I've just been digging her music over the last week. I might do a French-Portuguese language trade off with a couple people who want to learn French (and want to teach me Portuguese). I'm playing around with the idea. I would LOVE to learn some Portuguese, it's just a matter of scheduling at this point.

peace to the out...I'll leave you with some lyrics....

Beijo Roubado
(Words: Adelino Moreira
Interpreted by Cesaria Evora)

Dizem que beijo roubado
Embora seja de amor

É crime na terra,
No céu é pecado
Faz o homem
Criminoso e pecador

Para mim está tudo errado,
Beijo roubado tem mais calor

Quantos beijos
Eu ganhei do meu amor
Eu não contei,
nem ele contou

Mas nem um beijo foi mais beijo
Que o primeiro beijo
Que eu fingi negar
E ele roubou

(Lyrics gratefully found on this site)

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