31 January 2007


Whomever decided that "Legally Blond" was a good idea for a Musical needs to have all of their musical priviledges taken away.

Just hearing the commercials on the radio sets my teeth on edge.

Am I being unfair? Ummmmmmm.....let me think about that.


Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say...no. This prejudice is totally warranted.
For the love of eardrums all over the world . . . STOP with the musicals being styled after movies, already!!!

The Lion King is clearly an exception, as it was awesome. And had a really good soundtrack. Which then translated to a good stage soundtrack.

This works vice versa too...only *rarely* does the stage show actually translate well to the screen.
Good movie: Chicago
Bad movie: Phantom of the Opera
Good movie: Cabaret (with Liza, of course)
Bad movie: Les Miserables

I could go on, but I'm done ranting for now.

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Math Jedi said...

good luck with your appointment.

Someone who is still on my friends list for LJ, for some reason, but whom I am not exactly friends with anymore, loves the Legally Blonde musical. Since she and I are pretty much polar opposites, I'd probably agree with you... hehe.