31 January 2007


tomorrow is my doctor's appointment at the psychiatrist. i had a really fun time playing trivia tonight. and racing crossword puzzles at lunch today. i had a great experience at a new clg, to which i look forward to returning. i like old people. i need to remember to measure my curtin rods, and how high they are off the floor. but, in order to do that, i have to go through some crap stacks. which, i don't really want to do. i'm looking forward to saturday, but am also a little trepidatious. there are some happy hippies on vh1 right now doing yogi and qi gong. whoa. good tea. i should get some bath crystals. joe cocker is totally playing air guitar right now, and looks as though he's smoked one too many. i need to go to bed now. i hope i can fall asleep. hoping this braindump helps me fall asleep, as i shall have gotten everything out of my system.

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