11 January 2007

red letter day...

I just wacked the bejeezus outta my skull. Ouch. I went to sit in the oh-so-comfy red leather chair when BOOM. Slipped on that luxuoriously slick material and slammed the back of my head into the pointy corner of the lampshade. Which in turn struck the painting behind the chair, which in ITS turn smacked against the wall. Loud enough to send my brother running out to ask what the heck..?

So, ice pack and ibuprofin in hand . . .

I went to see my doctor today. I've been having anxiety attacks over the last month. Three of them, seemingly unprecipitated. Tomorrow morning I'm going to get some blood work done. Sometimes being anemic or having some sort of thyroid issue will be manifested as anxiety. And, just in case it's NOT something physical, but mental, my doctor also wants me to see a shrink I mean, psychiatrist. So, here's to 2007!

But, all is not lost. I can't quite go to sleep yet, so I will watch an episode (or two) of Arrested Development. One of the best. shows. ever. And here's hoping that I don't do anymore damage to myself before I go to bed.

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Math Jedi said...

ouch! I hope you're feeling better.

Did I tell you I went to the doctor last week for the first time in who knows how long?