10 January 2007


I am v. much looking foward to this weekend for many reasons. I get to spend time with my friends (read: no rehearsal) - including AZ, who's been out of town for a bit, and Raina, too. Also, get to meet up with an old friend on Friday, who I've not seen in ages - at least a year and a half - so, that will be fun. And perhaps the reason I'm looking forward to this weekend the most . . . .

drum roll, please

It's a three-day weekend. Oh yeah. Sibling has Monday off, too, so perhaps will shall wreak havoc up and down the coast. Plans t.b.a.
- - - -

Meanwhile...it is getting wicked windy here in SF, and I've been hearing rumors of snow? Now, having spent the better part of the holiday season in Denver, I know about snow. (I should put up my pics...hmmm), so to hear rumors of snow here..? wtf?

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