02 March 2011

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I started this blog after much convincing by AZ that this was the cool thing do to AND a fun way to stay in touch with folks from college, etc. So...I started it. Some years I've written more than others, and sometimes it's pretty hilarious (to me) to read old posts and wonder "what the hell was I whining about?" AHHH, youth...

Blogging tapered off a lot last year, but I figured I'd give it another, more habitual, go, seeing as I'm now the one who has moved, and this will also be a place to vent from time to time.

Now that I'm all but moved home (my car and a carload of stuff is in CA until the end of the month), I'm working on carving out a routine here. I have never been in such as position as I am right now, as far as not having to report to either a classroom or an office by xyz time, so I am attempting to not squander this window of free time. I have to admit that I am biding my job search time a little, since in a perfect world, the possible part-time mountain job will be a reality (3days up/4 days in Denver) and the following academic year, I'll have a full-time singing gig! Dream big! why not?
Anyway, the current routine entails working out, singing (working on audition rep) and basically trading mom-sitting time back and forth with Dad. This entails: getting her ready and driving to doc appointments, making sure she takes her meds on time; cooking dinners; etc. Mom basically needs someone with her all the time, and since she really cannot leave the house on her own accord, that means someone needs to be at home with her. We have in-home CNA (certified nursing assistant) help about half the time - which is when I can go to the gym, practice, run errands, etc. - but that is not covered by insurance at all *shakes fist*. I really don't understand WTF is going on with that.

Anyway. It's all about balance. Everyday with mom is up and down. Good/bad. Easy/Difficult. Joy/Tears. I knew it would be, but I better buckle my seat belt for this wild ride, and hold on tight. And thank God for old friends welcoming me back to Denver with open arms...! That has been a lovely, lovely thing.


Bag Blog said...

I'm glad to see you blogging more these days, since I love your sense of humor and outlook on life. I recently looked back on my old posts (6 years) and noticed how much things have changed. It was a good reminder of all the things in my life and my feelings at the time - good or bad - funnor or sad. Sometimes I think about giving up my blog and sometimes I really taper off on writing, but I'm glad I still have this outlet.

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annelies said...

That is indeed a gift to find old friends in the present from Denver. I have that same experience when I go visit my mom too.

Oh and this has been a place where you have "aired it all out." :)