06 March 2011

and more cleaning

I've spent the better part of the past two months getting rid of stuff. Goodwill, recycling, trashing, giving away to friends...going through the crap that accumulates over 10 years of living in the same city.

And then I moved home. Well, "home." I've never lived in the house my parents currently live in; they moved sometime while I was in college. At the time, I was happy to be far away in Texas, so that I didn't have to do any of the moving work. I do have a room in the 'new' house, in the basement, and I've probably spent an accumulative total of about 4-5 months here, since sometime in the late '90s.

All that said . . . this weekend I continued on with my getting-rid-of-stuff streak and tackled my closet here. A closet full of clothes from high school, some college stuff and summers spend working in NC. And...holy crappe, indead! It was a veritable treasure trove of forgotten goodies: swim team sweats; graduation outfit;  white high heels for said outfit; a plethora of ribbed (!?) sweaters and oversize, stretched-out sweatshirts and sorority t-shirts. (I kept one fugly Christmas sweater that had been my grandmothers, in the hopes of hosting (or attending?) an ugly Christmas sweater party this year. I plan ahead.)

Once you get start the process of purging your stuff, it becomes easier and easier to keep going. And I didn't feel bad about getting rid of things because 1) They were all so outdated; and 2) I couldn't have worn any of it anyway...I'm smaller now than I was my senior year, so that makes me happy! And something even happier than THAT? I also cleaned out the dresser and I now have a place to keep my underwear! Simple pleasures, indeed.

I still have boxes of books to go through which are currently stacked along one side of the closet, blocking me from hanging up anything tall/long (dresses, etc); and the nightside dresser. All in good time. I really want to finish it this week, though.

Also on this week's agenda: go to the dmv (yay...I think); and see if the 24-hour fitness down the street has a trial pass. I think I'm going to join that branch, but so far I've not had any time to go at all, due to my mom needed someone at the house at all times, and the few times "off" I have had, I've already been doing a bunch of other errands and all. Whew. I hit the ground running, I guess . . . 

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