21 January 2011

toes on the edge

I'm standing on the edge of the great unknown. Friday (well, today) is my last day of work! I've worked in the same place for one week short of six years, and that is hard to believe.

I feel as if I've been handed a giant reset button. I mean - so much is a blank slate! I could reinvent myself completely! Erase my past and become a spy or something. Or not - I appreciate whence I've come too much to do that :) Besides, I have already changed so much as a result of happenings over the past couple, three years that I think that *that* process of reinvention started a looong time ago. Maybe it's because I'm an early thirty-something, along with those happenings, but I am way more comfortable in my own skin than I was when I was younger, and I really appreciate and enjoy that.

2011. Shall be a year of thriving, I believe. But first...one final "normal" day.

And a SH*T ton of boxes to pack.

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Bag Blog said...

I always think of Indian Jones and the Last Crusade when he takes the "leap of faith" over the giant crevase. There was nothing left to do but take the step - just that simple.