24 January 2011

there is nothing quite like karaoke in the afternoon

Had my "official" going-away party on Saturday. A last-minute family emergency for AZ (who was going to graciously host at her home), meant a location change from an open house/house party afternoon to karaoke at The Mint. I felt like I was walking into my own personal Cheers. Somehow, the occasional karaoke night morphed into more regular time spent there over the past 10 years, and the kj's and owner knew me. Go figure.

I am not one to spend daylight hours in a bar (usually), so once my eyes adjusted, I realized that we would not be the only party there at 3pm on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Who knew? Ultimately, it was a fun 5-hour party! I think, though, the highlight was when my music-world friends crashed the stage and serenaded me with the chorus of Hail Poetry from The Pirates of Penzance. That was quite a special moment.

Tomorrow is a day of running around like crazy. SO, I am headed off to bed!

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