02 September 2009

Final countdown

I started thinking through my packing tonight, and hope to do the actual packing tomorrow. This saves me from staying up too late friday before my flight on saturday morning. Whohoo!

I'll be gone for 10 days to France and italy, and I am so looking forward to some r&r!!


Bag Blog said...

Take lots of photos - I'm always looking for something to paint. Have a great time! Drink some birra and think of me.

Skybag said...

Ah, have fun! I'm going to Paris, Angers, and Nice all in about ten days too! I don't know how you will get any R&R visiting two countries! Where all are you going?

lea ann said...

Have a great trip!!!! Is it a continuation of your birthday celebration?

Sisu said...

Yay for you! Have a great time!

Mezzo SF said...

@Lou: will do!
@Jesse: just stayin in Paris for 5.5 days and then headed to just outside Venice for 3.5 days.
@Lea: yup ... The birthday celebrations continue!!
@sisu: thanks! Or ... Merci!