28 August 2009

to paraphrase

1. My laptop is broken. Again. But I probably won't get it fixed until after my vacation.
2. Sibling officially moved to Philly about month ago, and is now an east-coaster. Without ESPN on 24/7, the house is much quieter. I miss him, though.
3. I played hookey with my boss a couple weeks ago. She has season tix to the SF Giants, and took me to see them play a day-game against the Dodgers. Great game!
4. Bagged my first peak a few weekends back. If 2,517 feet counts as a "peak," that is. Around here it does. Mission Peak is a short 3.2 miles each way, but steep and exposed. The view from the top? Gorgeous!
5. I leave for vacation in ... 8 days. Paris and Italy, here I come!
6. Church is at an interesting crossroads right now. Sadly - and still surreally - our pastor passed away almost two months ago, God is good and He loves us, but there are moments when this is still raw.
7. One of the benefits of aging is realizing that I don't have to apologize for who I am. I am who I am...even if that person changes (hopefully for the better).
8. I am the incredible shrinking woman. Hear me roar.
9. I am an observer. I enjoy watching people and listening to them speak without opening their mouths. Generally, this is a very good skill and has served me quite well. Specifically, it is harder to enjoy/utilize when communicating with someone else like this-especially over the phone.
10. I have not really sung (church doesn't count) since June, but I had a lesson this week. It went better than I thought it would.
11. I am worried about my mother...nothing new there, but it just seems to always be something.
12. I love taking Arabic but I cannot take it this coming term because I will be missing half the classes due to travel conflicts.
13. The state of CA is having a garage sale in Sacramento. Yup. A garage sale. Because that is going to bail us out of our ridiculous debt. *eyeroll* Perhaps it’s time to think about voting oneself off of this West Coast Island, and head for higher ground.
14. The Bay Area is beautiful – and by not having been in a show this summer, I’ve had time to explore the easily-accessible nature just outside the city limits. Still haven’t made it to Yosemite, yet. But that is on my list!!
15. I am blessed with many loved and be-loved ones.
16. Dark chocolate. Need I say more?
17. According to a certain SPC, the Army would be much better off if the “kids today” enlisting understood – or even knew about – the comedy of Monty Python. I would have to agree; the world at large could use a dose of humo[u]r.
18. Same goes for understanding/being aware of the Cold War.
19. I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.
20. Next Friday: chicken and waffles office lunchtime run!


Patty said...

My Motto?: Life is hard, God is good, these two things I know.

Hope you don't mind this oboist posting a note here! I saw that you haven't been to Yosemite and I just wanted to encourage you to get there sometime. It's horribly crowded in the summer, but it's so gorgeous there in the fall!

My hubby goes there frequently and posts tons of pictures at his blog. My site is linked to his somewhere, in case you want to have a look-see.

Hope it's not too darn hot where you are. Down here in the South Bay it isn't terribly pleasant even at 9:45 PM.

& finally ... would you like to be linked at my blog? I'm not sure if you want more attention for your blog or if you prefer not ...?


Patty @ oboeinsight.com

Rona said...

Are you KIDDING?! A statewide GARAGE SALE?! That's it, now I know: this is where I'm meant to be. That is AWESOME.

Bag Blog said...

I've been missing you. I'm sure you miss the sibling - like having a big cat in your house. Jesse leaves for France on Sept. 18. She comes home on the 28th.

MezzoSF said...

@Patty: I like your motto! And I don't mind an oboist posting at all! We musicians have to stick together ;)
@Rona: No no no...it's no bueno. CA is is deep trouble, dearie!!
@Lou: HIIII there...missed you all, too. I can't believe Jesse and I will just miss each other in France, too! How fun!