04 June 2009

Site to check out - lovely photo blog

No, not *my* photo blog, but the lovely Jesse, over at SkyBag.
Might I suggest clicking over to see the most pinchable cheeks ever, or perhaps some outdoor shots, or the ever classic black & white shots.

(And when you do stop by, be sure to wish Jesse a Happy 27th Birthday!)


Bag Blog said...

Thanks for linking Jes. Let us know when your big b-day is - maybe we will show up on your doorstep.

Skybag said...

Thanks, Mezzo! I like having blogging buddies! It's pretty early in the morning, but it's already a great day with everyone's happy wishes.

Mezzo SF said...

@Lou: Well, if you show up on my *actual* bday, I won't be in town ;) However, if you show up on the 22nd (of July), you could come to the party!
@Jessie: YAY, me too! glad your day is off to a good start!