01 June 2009


Sometimes I wonder if I am just absolutely (pardon the expression) bat-shit crazy.

And...I know I'm *not* "crazy" (I mean, I have my issues like anyone else, but the little men with straight jackets are not headed to my door as we speak.) But on occasion, I have moments where I feel like if anyone else were to be able to see things inside my head and experience my life like *I* do...they might think I was crazy. And then I sigh and say a prayer and try and get on with my life. Or something like that.

Anyone else ever feel that way?


Bag Blog said...

What is crazy? We all have our quirks - some more than others. Maybe people are so crazy these days that normal becomes the new crazy.

Tiffany said...

All. The. Time.

Sisu said...

All day, every day. And my filters only work half the time so sometimes that craziness leaks out into the real world. oops.

Buck said...

Well... now that you mention it... :D

But it's nothing two fingers of single-malt can't fix. Usually.

Mezzo SF said...

SO glad it's not just me! :)