21 May 2009

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and have been for a loooong time.
As far as Star Trek goes, I'd seen the tv shows, but never any of the films until this recent one (which I've seen twice, btw...it's thoroughly enjoyable).

ANYWAY. This video cracked me up. Brilliant!


Bag Blog said...

So that is why I loved the new Star Trek so much!

Skybag said...

Yeah, I liked it too, but I had never watched the old tv shows. Turns out, my dad is a closet treky. He was talking about the tv show, and I was all like, "OMG! that was in the movie...that was in the movie too!"

Sisu said...

Being an equal opportunity nerd, I loved both Star Wars and Star Trek (best memories of me and dad watching Kirk kick ass!). I always thought they were two different plots until now! :)

I saw it twice as well..I was geek tweaking the first time. Second time I took the kids. And geek tweaked more subtly so as not to frighten the offspring.

Mezzo SF said...

yeah...I loved this mash-up of the two...so great. I am totally a believer now, as far as Star Trek is concerned. I'll have to watch some of the other movies!