19 May 2009

R.I.P. Pancho Pescado

I came home from a lovely dinner chez AZ this evening...to find my little Betta fish, Pancho Pescado, floating in his bowl. Alas and alack, he seemed okay this morning. I guess my jaunt out of town this past weekend did him in.

He was a great pet these past three years, and shall be missed! Swim free, my friend!


Bag Blog said...

Sorry for your loss. I remember crying over a dead fish that one of the kids got for a school project, but I took care of. It was not the thought of the fish dying that bothered me, but the thought that I had killed it. It turns out that they only live for a few years.

Skybag said...

Pancho Pescado is such a great name! I am sorry for your loss, too.

Mezzo SF said...

awww, thanks!!! he was a happy little fish! :)