12 April 2009

Christ is risen...on "high"....

This year, I spent Good Friday with family (Sibling and S), two of Sibling's Frat brothers, and hundreds of my closest friends happily dancing, hotboxing, hippies. in other words, it was spent in a cloud of contact-high haze, courtesy of The Fillmore Auditorium and Yonder Mountain String Band (from my home state!) I suggested we go to the concert, since Sibling, S, and I are all fans of bluegrass and it had been far too long since I'd been to any concerts. Lemme tell ya, it was AWESOME. You have not *experienced* dexterity until you've witnessed the flying fingers of Jeff Austen on mandolin, Dave Johnston on banjo, Ben Kaufman on bass and Adam Aijala on guitar. (They had a special fiddler in with them, but I forget his name right now - he was great.)

But I digress.

I had also not experienced puffy clouds of marijuana the likes of which existed inside the auditorium that night. Ten minutes into the concert, I turned to Sibling and said "Dude. Talk about contact high." Three and a half hours later, I was like, "Why do I feel so light-headed, I haven't been drinking...but, BOY oh BOY, do I want pancakes!" I have been to a lot of concerts, but I have never been to one with so many bongs - at least, no *indoor* concerts with so many. Outdoor music festivals? Sure, prevalent. But inside the windowless, airless, loud, hot, square-shaped venue-seemingly-custom-built to keep the smoke in? Yeah. That was a first. Even Sibling had to concur on that one.

Easter itself today was wonderful (even if I did lose it during church) and spent with Sibling and AZ. We had a tasty brunch at 1300 Fillmore (Bellinis, shrimp & grits, and gospel music); enjoyed sunny weather; I had nice long phone calls with my parents and P; and all was capped off with a trip to see Fast and Furious. (Admittance: I irrationally love action movies. I can't put my finger on why...though it probably has something to do with all the testosterone. And Vin Diesel. But anyway. AZ does, too, which is one of the reasons we're friends. HAHA!) All-in-all a lovely, if non-traditional, celebratory day.

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Bag Blog said...

Bluegrass/folk music has been a part of my life for years. We used to go to the Kerrville Folk Festival around the end of May - a big time in Texas! The hippies are always interesting:)

Vin Diesel is great, and I have already put my order in to go see F&F.