19 February 2009

Enquiring minds want to know

So, I put this out on [insert social networking site here] earlier today. Pursuant to a conversation with a friend at work today - for those happily married and/or committed to a life-partner:

How/when did you know you had found "the one"? I wanna hear some love stories!


Bag Blog said...

I met Toby in college – we ran with the same group of people. I’m not sure when I knew it was love, but I knew it was lust. Real love seemed to come later after trials and tribulation. He made me laugh and better yet, he laughed at my jokes. I just wanted to be with him and did not get tired of him like I did other guys. We enjoyed each other and we were friends and the physical attraction was strong too. I knew he was the one for me, but that scared me to death. There was one brief moment when I tried to break up with him because I thought we were too serious. I remember him simply saying, “I love you, and you hurt me.” It broke my heart, and I knew I did not want to ever hurt him again.

Buck said...

I'm with Lou... it was a gradual thing for me, as well, over the space of about a year or so. And, like Lou yet again... it began as mutual lust (SERIOUS, can't-keep-my-hands-off-you lust). I think the turning point (for lack of a better term) came when TSMP and I exchanged long (sometimes running to 12 pages, or more) "philosophy of life" letters while I was deployed for four months... six or eight months into our relationship. It continued to grow over the course of the next two years... we had a three-year courtship and were married 20 years... so that's 23 years altogether.

One final thought. Yeah, she's been gone for ten years now. But she was... and remains... The One. I've been "involved" a few times since she left, but have come to the conclusion she's irreplaceable. My cross to bear...