19 February 2009

Bark definitely worse than bite

Utility worker kills attacking 2-pound Chihuahua

This might make me a horrible person, but I laughed out loud when I read this story. Threatened by a chihuahua? REALLY?

It reminds me of a story as told by the older brothers of my high school bff. One time they were playing basketball with some neighbors, and the neighbors' chihuahua came outside to run around with the boys. One of the other guys didn't see the dog and, then, well. Let's just say that in chihuahua vs. bouncing basketball, the basketball wins. I should feel sad telling that story, but to this day I can't help but crack up when I think about it - it's just such a crazy story.

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Buck said...

I can relate. My grandmother had a chihuahua my Ol' Man absolutely HATED. The dog made the mistake of biting my father once upon a time and he kicked the obnoxious dog down the length of a hallway, breaking its leg. Dad picked up the vet's not inconsiderable bill, as he should have, but went to his grave saying that one moment in time was perhaps one of the better, most satisfying things he EVER did.