14 November 2008


I'm drained. It's been a long week and I'm ready for the weekend. Not sure that it will really help me recharge, though. I'm singing on a memorial service on Sunday. The father of one of my singing colleagues passed away very suddenly, and a group of us will be singing a few quartets for his service.
As mournful as these occasions are, however, I actually...enjoy is not the right word...but don't mind doing them, I guess. In some weird sense, I find it extremely satisfying - that perhaps I can help someone who needs to grieve by providing means or excuse through beauty in the form of music. For some, music can be worshipful, for others, a means of release. Whatever the effect - I know that, personally, music has always been of utmost importance to my own grieving process - and I like to be able to give back to other people in that way. Much more than performing on a stage, singing at weddings or other types of events - being asked to sing at memorial services and funerals is (for me) the most noble way I feel I can ever use this gift of song.

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Bag Blog said...

Of course I have never sung at a wedding or funeral, but I know the love and support I feel from those who have done that for others and myself. I'm always grateful.