15 November 2008

good day

It's been a lovely Saturday - a strangely hot one at 80+ degrees here in SF - but that's beside the point, I guess.

I could just do a detailed retelling of the entire day, but, eh...I'm a little tired, so here are the highlights:
-Arabic Class;
-Farmers market with lots of delicious delights and great people watching;
-Getting caught in the aftermath of the prop 8 rally (got stuck on a bus for a while);
-Finding out from P's mom that P's BN might be redeployed way earlier than thought. (You never know - but it would be awesome if those rumors were true);
-Finally cooking some of our Alaskan Halibut with AZ...it was tasty!


Buck said...

-Arabic Class;

Wow. I'm impressed. Srsly. What do you plan to do with the language, Mezzo? Or is this just for pleasure/enlightenment?

Mezzo SF said...

hey, buck...I don't know yet. It's just something I've wanted to study for a long time. Hopefully, I'll still be able to keep up with my studies in the coming year and the class schedules will work with my work schedules.