20 September 2008

North Beach: A Saturday Morning Photo Essay

I went to North Beach early this morning, and it was a veritable treasure trove of wackiness and beauty.
Now...where did I park? 2B or not . . . . ?

There's a public art project in the North Beach garage: fortunes written at each space.

Even on the handicapped ones:

I loved that this woman was wearing silver go-go boots:

Morning jump-start:

An ewok/bear/chow hybrid:

Lots of building art in this neighborhood:

For all my friends who are teachers. My apologies, though, to you school administrators out there. Looks like you get the shaft here. So to speak. (I go past Big Al's Adult Book Store everyday when I leave work, and have been wanting to take a picture of this sign for two weeks. Finally did!)


Bag Blog said...

The teacher discount at an adult book store - only in your neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

That dog really does look like an Ewok:) Hee hee