19 September 2008

Friday Five - Fall Equinox

As this vivid season begins, tell us five favorite things about fall:

1) A fragrance: freshly baked pumpkin bread and hot spiced apple cider.

2) A color: gold(en): as in the color of the leaves changing. Which there are not very many of here, but where I grew up we had aspen trees.

3) An item of clothing: Our fall is in actuality our "indian summer". In other climates, I would list "scarf." However, here? "Lack of scarf" is my answer.

4) An activity: massacring pumpkins and toasting their seeds. Mmm. Also - dressing up in crazy makeup and costumes. Oh...wait. I get paid to do that on a year-round basis. *fistpump*

5) A special day: Thanksgiving – be it a bit clich├ęd – is indeed a special time spent with family and close friends.

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