04 September 2008


Things I am thinking at this moment:

1. I *think* I might be getting a cold. But I'm not sure. So I will try to get a lot of sleep tonight.

2. The only problem with #1 is that I really want to finish the books I'm reading this week (the Twilight series). They are a fast and easy read, and Stephanie Meyer knows how to write a captivating story. Even if I *do* find myself irritated with the main character at times, I think it's because I'm sucked-in (pun definitely intended) and invested in their relationships. It's also quite interesting to see how these particular books affect me in a way. Not sure what it is just yet.

3. And just to balance things out, literature wise, I'm going to read The Idiot next. There's nothing like a good juxtaposition of Young Adult Vampire fiction with intense Russian literature.

4. I am looking foward to a college friend's visit this weekend. We're going to the symphony & the de young musuem. Too much culture and she is the perfect friend for these adventures, as we were both music majors & both studied art during our adventures abroad.

5. I'm also looking foward to seeing Rona this evening for drinks at the new Mini Bar on divis.

6. I *also* get to see my friend The Queen this weekend to belatedly celebrate her birthday. I've not seen her in a long time - since my birthday, I think, so that will be fun, too.

7. And yet, this all brings me back again to #1, with the hope that I'm not *really* getting a cold. But I always one to leave that admission to the very last minute. ack. Here's hoping . . .

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Bag Blog said...

You are not getting old. Getting old is a state of mind and your body creaks.

Your weekend sounds very fun. I will probably be in Lubbock (yeha) but then it is on to the NM mountains.