09 September 2008

Because I had to write it down somewhere to keep it straight

A list of all the kiddos in my life - friends' babies; adopted nieces & nephews; real-life cousins (in alphabetical order):

Lake Alexander
Kingston Cairo
Hannah Dockins
Clark Friedman
Baby Foerscht
Sydney Forester
Baby Garcia
Abigail Gavin
Baby Janik
Cameron & Timothy Ko
Baby Miller
Zach Moller
Addie & Carter Schantz
Olivia Tafao
Bella & Lilian Termini
Baby Weidner

Some are here, some are on the way, and all are precious as can be. But there are probably a couple I'm even forgetting . . .(ack!)


Wyldth1ng said...

That is a hand full.

I wanted to let you know I used one of the candles you sent in the last power outage out here, it was a "light" saver.

Thank you.

Mezzo SF said...

I am so glad! I hope the rest of the hurricane season passes more uneventfully for ya'll out there!

Jennie said...

We love you Aunt Katy! Lots of hugs and kisses from Addie and Carter