18 August 2008

Testing this out

NOTE: I am just now exploring some of the more advanced blogger features . . . this post, for example, I'm submitting via email. If this works, than you'll all be reading this right now . . . and it means I might even be able to submit little posts whilst on vacation (in order to keep up with Blog365) without having to set up a week or so of auto-posts...woot!
This was our final performance weekend, and I just returned from our cast party. All four of our San Francisco performances were sold out. As were both shows LAST weekend in Napa. But this weekend was especially awesome, I have to say. As an actor, you can *feel* the energy coming from your audience - good or bad - and this weekend . . . it was good. I have had more fun performing this role than almost any other, I think. It was a great role with awesome music . . . and I got to be up there performing with a bunch of people who are all part of my extended theatrical family. So, despite a few painful rehearsal moments . . . this was a wonderful performing experience, and I will miss this show!


Bag Blog said...

I'm glad all was well. It would really be cool to see you perform someday.

Buck said...

Hey! It worked! (the e-mail post)

Congrats on your successful performance!