19 August 2008

Another shot at organized chaos

SO, the same extremely wealthy man who hired our HMS Pinafore show for a command performance last December has hired our Mikado for a command performance this holiday season.

And - again - when I say "hire our show", I mean ENTIRE show: sets, costumes, orchestra, entire cast & chorus, etc. Though, this year, instead of performing for an audience of 10, this is supposedly going to be a fundraiser for the theater company. How AWESOME and crazy is that???


I can't imagine having that kind of disposable income . . . you know, tens of thousands of dollars to spare on private theatrical performances . . . but I suppose that if I did, I would do my part to support the arts, too. I'm not knocking it, no way. I am grateful for patrons like this!

1 comment:

Rona! said...

I need a benefactor...a Miss Havisham to my Pip, if you will...