08 July 2008

Taking Care of Business

Last week's mystery spot answer:

Dubrovnik, Croatia.
(BB - your guess was not too far off the mark! And it would make a lovely painting!)

- - -

In other news...P's parents got an email from P this morning. They were worried and wanted to hear from him - especially his dad, who had surgery last week to remove titanium rods put in last year after he broke his hip. (He kept them and showed them off to us...ouch!)
As per the email, P's AO (area of operations) is the safest in the city - possibly even the country. All of us back home take that to be GOOD news (even if it might mean P's bored and frustrated not to have much to do...that's gotta be better than the alternative.) Also - it seems that even sandstorms have an upside: they keep the temperatures down a little.


Wyldth1ng said...

Good to hear.

Mezzo SF said...

Yup, it is! Hope you're doing well, Wyld!