10 July 2008

NPR has a sense of humor

Two funnnny things from SF's local NPR station today:

1. Around 2pm, a quick news brief from the BBC was supposed to come on. Instead of the BBC news intro music, this is what happened:

SF Announcer: "And now, here's the BBC news."

...dead radio air...

Brit #1: "FUCK! This thing's not queued up"
Brit #2: "Oh...should I call someone? Wait...hang on...."
Brit #1: "%*#* ... should be on now..."
BBC Announcer: "And in the G8 summit today . . . blah blah blah"

...more dead radio air...

Brit #2: "Oh for Chrissakes...not working again.....let me...."
Brit #1: "Oh...fuck it...we gotta get someone"

...deaaaad air ...

SF Announcer: "Well. Seems as if BBC is experiencing some difficulties in-studio. Let's move on to local area news"

The whole thing only lasted a couple of minutes...but was HILARIOUS! I do wonder, though, how much the FCC is going to fine for this?

2. NPR ALSO ran a solid 15 minute segment on the string of German bunny rabbit murders. Apparently, there's been a rash of 40+ murders of pet bunnies in Germany. Someone has been breaking into rabbit hutches, decapitating the animals and leaving them bloodless for their owners to find. WTF????
One bunny owner has constructed a hutch which she affectionately calls "Fort Knox for bunnies," due to the many locks keeping her precious pets safe. The fear of rabbit-cide is driving many German bunny owners to hide their hutches in the woods. Some officials think that the murderer or murderers might be using geothermal imaging to determine which homes have rabbit hutches in their yards.

YES, people. A 15-minute segment was spent on this story. I can't even believe it. I mean...do you KNOW how freaking difficult it is these days to get news on say . . . the Iraq war? Afghanistan? But bunnies? Hell YES - we got bunnies.
I think we should sic Bunnicula on the killers. He would retaliate by sucking all their veggies dry!

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Bag Blog said...

How very interesting. That is what we say when something is so bizarre that it is ridiculous. Do people in Germany keep lots of pet rabbits and why?