01 July 2008

In the mood. Or not.

I went to half of SFO's production of Ariodante tonight. And, while Susan Graham was STUNNING as the title character in voice and action (heck - I forgot she was a woman playing a man - she was pretty studly, there), I kept "head bobbing." I was getting bored, and it was hot and the man sitting to my right was a heavy breather which was quite distracting.

So. I left at the mid-point. Good 'ole G.F. Handel will just have to accept my "I'm sorry, dear, but I have a headache" excuse for missing the second half of his opera.

And now? I'm watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith as I do my laundry and write email.

All in all - a nice, balanced evening.


Bag Blog said...

So you traded a heavy breather for Darth Vadar?

Mezzo SF said...

OHHHH, dear. Yes, Bag...I think you're right. when you put it that way.....

I almost fell out my chair laughing at this one!