28 July 2008

complex simplicity

For as much time as I spend around music, performing music, listening to colleagues perform, studying music, practicing music and buying music . . . sometimes I forget how much I actually really just enjoy LISTENING to music for music's sake. Not while commuting or walking or using it as the soundtrack for some other activity, but making the listening the main focus.

A few weeks ago, I felt like I had returned to college when a friend and I sat around for an hour or so just listening to new bands. We had started a discussion prior to that about rock guitar . . . and it just spiraled into an "oh...yeah, you'd like these guys, check them out. And if you like THEM, then I need to play THIS for you." I spent hours of my life doing that same exact thing in college, and I had missed that.

Last night, on my way home from rehearsal, I was listening to Spanish guitar and flamenco guitar on NPR. It just hit the spot - all the stress of the day melted off. When I got home, I tuned the radio to the same station and listened to the entire program. It was lovely.

**UPDATE 9:28 PM**:
As I am sitting here at home, writing some letters and listening to the radio . . . I just heard an advertisement for my show. That was pretty cool, I have to admit.
(We open on Thursday!)

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