27 July 2008

Coincidence? I think not...

I just found out yesterday that the man Formerly Known As LTG and now known as Capt.G is friends with and a frat brother of MY brother.

Consider my mind blown. And please - every and anyone who reads this - get up to speed here.


Bag Blog said...

Okay, now I am impressed.

Mezzo SF said...

Is that not just wild?!?
My mind is STILL blown. Seriously. And my bro had not read any of his blog at all - which I couldn't believe. I'm just like...wow.

Speechless, really. It's like finding out your father is Darth Vader when your name is Luke.

Wyldth1ng said...

Even though I have not revealed my name, I have had my blog registered since June of '05 with every command I have been with. Occasionally, I get an email from them to revise something I have written, but for the most part "they" don't bother me much.

Kind of nifty, how small the world is.