17 July 2008

Because buying school supplies in the fall turns me on

I just signed up for two classes this fall. They both meet once a week and run
10 - 15 weeks.

1. Spanish I: This is through UC Berkeley extension program. A few years ago, I took private Spanish classes for about 6 months. It was great for my conversational skills and some vocab, but not for grammar. I know how to learn languages and I needed something a little more structured.

2. Introduction to Arabic: This is through an independent language school - the other places I looked at didn't have schedules which would work for me. I've never learned or studied a non-western language before; I'm looking foward to the challenge.

I know - at least where Spanish is concerned - I'll probably start off filtering everything I learn through French, then Italian, and then (hopefully) spitting out the correct answer in Spanish. It's happened before. As far as the Arabic class goes...who knows. I have always thought it a very interesting and beautiful language - visually and aurally - and would like to know how to say more than just [ir fawu adeikum terra armi], [salaam aleikum], and [shaku-maku].

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