06 June 2008


I am headed out shortly to a going away shindig at our local Irish pub for Sibling's girlfriend (and our housemate), S. MAN! I'm SOOOO sad she's moving...and I know my bro will be feeling it hit him this week... :( So, tonight's one last hurrah...and then we're having brunch tomorrow before she has to head to the airport.

anyway...something has been bugging me all day...and I had to look it up on the interwebs just to make sure I wasn't crazy.

It's June 6 today.

Ring any bells?

D-Day for the Invasion of Normandy. You know. < sarcasm >Just a small little blip in world history.< /sarcasm >

I was shocked because I haven't hear/read anything about it today...and usually that's one of those things that's at least mentioned in like...NPR's almanac and stuff. But no. Nary a word. And it has been niggling at the back of my brain all day long...I had to check it out. And, I am waiting for my dinner to be ready, so I got a minute to kill.

Anyway. It reminded me of my France trip last year. We were not in Normandy, but in Saint-Raphael, where there are other beaches and landmarks where the Allies landed.

Here are some pics from that trip:
1. Plaque about the landing. I specifically took this picture because I *might* be possibly related to the Admiral Hewitt in question. Not sure - but that is one of our family names...and it's not that common!
2. View from the beach
3. Old US boat left behind

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