06 June 2008

Friday Five - snapshot

1. How important is the "big picture" to you, do you need a glimpse of the possibilities or are you a details person?
I am capable of seeing the “big picture” – but I tend to focus on the details. Sometimes this is good…sometimes it can cause troubles.

2. If the big picture is important to you how do you hold onto it in the nitty gritty details of life?
I am the opposite…I have to either force myself or be forced to set my goals high enough. I have many childhood memories about psychological torture in the form of excruciating “goal-setting” exercises I had do endure either with teachers or my mom. Yup, I’ve been this way since I was a kiddo. Otherwise, I am content to sail along, getting mired down in focusing on the details. I have to be reallllly passionate about something in order to set that goal in the right spot…otherwise? I get bored way too easily and just can’t be bothered (to borrow an expression from the Brits).

3. Name a book, poem, psalm, piece of music that transports you to another dimension: Barber’s Adagio

4.Thinking of physical views, is there somewhere that inspires you, somewhere that you breathe more easily?
Two contrasting places: Rocky Mountain National Park or a nice, rocky-shored beach (a la the ones we have up here in NorCal)

5. A picture opportunity... post one if you can (or link to one!)
(This was taken about an hour's speedboat ride from Ketichikan, AK.)


Wyldth1ng said...

That is a really awesome picture. Always a pleasure.

Mezzo SF said...

Thanks! (And likewise!)