09 June 2008

spoiler alert

It was a wacky weekend - something for everyone: laughter, drama, crime, romance, tears and really good people watching.

Part of it I can't talk about - because they are not my stories to tell. What I can say is that I still have the ability to be shocked by:
1. The capacity of humans to harm one another;
2. The fagility and complexity of the human brain;
3. That laughter really can be good medicine.

(I say "I still have the ability to be shocked" because I feel like I've become desensitized to a lot here.)

The parts I *can* talk about:
-S left for Philly yesterday - many tears shed all around here at Casa di MezzoSF.

-Reunited with my Motel 6 colleagues for brunch (those 4 of us who all roomed together at local Motel 6's during the run of this last show). I think this is going to be a regular event...which is awesome!

-In an attempt to cheer Sibling up after S's departure, we walked up to the Haight Street Festival. I can't believe I didn't take my camera with me - there were SO many great photo ops. One of the best SF summertime festivals for people-watching, and it was a gorgeous day to be outside!

-SPOILER: We also went to see the new Indiana Jones flick. I really liked it - even if it *did* get all sci-fi there at the end. It makes perfect sense for a movie set in the 1950s. I mean - that was during the Red Scare, Nuclear bombs and the start of our culture's fascination on a mass scale with aliens, ufo's and the like. Add in all the throwbacks to the original Indiana Jones trilogy - and it was an enjoyable afternoon spent at the movies.

-The romance portion also came in movie form (ha) when Rona came over and we watched Music & Lyrics. Nothing like Hugh Grant shaking his tush...lol


lea ann said...

music & lyrics.

I loved the pop song from that film. I really should have bought the soundtrack....

now I'm renting that movie this week. in between packing for VEGAS. just sayin'

Wyldth1ng said...

That really wasn't a spoiler, but that is okay.


Rona said...

BOO YAW! I'm always up for some Katy romancin'!!