11 June 2008

Sasquatch Jones' great sushi adventure

Sibling and I had a nice evening. Before this weekend, we literally had not seen each other in almost three weeks. And we live in the same 1000 square-foot home. Go figure. So, it has been nice to spend some time together over the last few days.

We started off with sushi at one of the best sushi places in SF, which is not that far from our house. We sat at the 'sushi bar' and it was like having our own personal sushi-chef. Basically, we asked him about a few of the specials - what was good - and also just let him make some random stuff for us.

(I have had sushi many times . . . and I usually don't stray from a few things I know I like and which are either cooked ie: ebi or California Rolls, or vegetarian. Even though I've had sushi and sashimi which tasted really good, there is a certain texture - really fatty, thick pieces of sushi - which I just can't get my palate around.)

Tonight, however, I tried some new things, some of which I liked, some not.

We had:
1)Crunchy Roll: Spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy little...something (not sure what, actually) all wrapped in soy paper. It was delicious.

2)Dragon Roll: BBQ Eel, crab & tempura shrimp. Everytime I try eel, I think I might like it that time. And I never do.

3)California Roll: Real crab meat & avocado. The old standby, which happens to be really tasty here. And not too much (if any? can't remember) tobiko.

4)Ebi nigiri: Cooked sweet prawns. Yum!

5)49er Roll: Salmon, avocado, lemon, and tobiko. Sibling's favorite. Nice taste, but the texture is not my favorite. Sibling was on his own to finish this one.

6)Medium Toro nigiri: Nice flavor - but it was so thick and had a pretty fatty-feeling texture. I couldn't do it. I tried, but ended up giving most of my piece to Sibling.

7)Kobe Beef sushi: A thin slice of raw Kobe beef served nigiri-style and with a nicely spiced dipping sauce. I was surprised by how much I liked this. It was incredibly tasty, and probably one of the most exotic/strange things I've ever eaten. (I had to work up the courage to try it, but I'm glad I did.)

Once sated (and having spent only $14 - after applying Sibling's frequent-diner discount and a gift-certificate) we ambled down the street for some coffee before heading over to Pub Trivia.

We got to our local Irish pub early enough to finish watching game three of the NBA Finals, and then had to come up with a name for our trivia team. It ended up being just the two of us. Sibling suggested "Sasquatch" and I wanted to have a last name...so I picked jones. And thus, team Sasquatch Jones was born. Sounds like a cross between a pimp and a mountain man. Or something.

Anyway. We held our own at trivia, and finished in the upper half. What we lacked in age/experience, we more than made up for with creative answers to the ones we for sure didn't know. hahaha!

It was a lovely evening...and now? Time for bed!


MAJ C said...

Mezzo SF,

Just wanted to stop in and say hello. Hope your having a great day.


Mezzo SF said...

Maj C - thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are have a nice day, as well!

math jedi said...

Sasquatch Jones. Sounds like a band.