04 June 2008

oh, and since we're talking politics

...just to cover all the bases tonight:

WTF, California? Why on EARTH did we have a divided primary this year? That was like...the stupidest decision ever.

Most folks came out in force to vote in the "important" (read: Presidential) primary earlier this year. But today's primary? There were actually some important city issues on the ballot...I just hope enough people voted!



math jedi said...

The official reason for the divided primary was because an earlier vote in the presidential election would make candidates pay attention to California for more than just fundraising.

Didn't happen.

The real reason is because the NTACs who run the Legislature are all going to lose their jobs to term limits, so they came up with that proposition on the February ballot that would change the term limit rules, giving them a loophole to exploit and allowing them to run for their current offices one more time, and declare their candidacy in time to do so.

Didn't happen. I was glad that one didn't pass.

Mezzo SF said...

Thank you for the info...good to know. And yes - I'm glad that one didn't pass, too!