21 June 2008


hot hot hot...

I know. I know. I am done complaining. But it is HOT here, yo. No one has a/c. I woke up at 6 this morning and had to retrieve some ice packs from the freezer to put on the back of my neck and head in order to cool down enough to sleep. IT COULD be worse. I know. Just...had to get that all outta my system.

The heat DID make for the PERFECT "Opera in the Ballpark" last night. Every year, SFO does a simulcast of the opera at AT&T park - free - and it was so fun. We had a picnic on the green...and, if one were inclined, all the normal baseball goodies were available for purchase (beer, garlic fries, etc). And the warm hot weather was perfect ... just needed a blanket to sit on, no jackets, scarves, nor down sleeping bags needed. yay!

And the opera did not disappoint. Sometimes I'm the worst at seeing operas, because I analyze what all the singers are doing or not doing. It's hard for me to turn off that part of my brain. But the much-hyped soprano did not disappoint - it was a wonderful performance.

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