25 May 2008

Loving CO in the Springtime...

It is beautiful here. It's been a wonderful trip thus far. Very relaxing, hanging with my folks and friends here.

Tonight, we went out with P's parents to celebrate dad's birthday. It's funny...my dad is pretty shy in a lot of ways...he and my mom have friends, of course (like everyone from church). But, I think P's dad is one of his close friends - they actually talk more than just "small talk" - which is good. I'm happy for him. I remember my dad's best friend from college, whom we all called "Uncle Jonathan." Sadly, Uncle J passed away at a young age - and I didn't realize it fully at the time (I was young) - but I know now that it profoundly affected my dad. Later on in life, my dad became very close friends with one of his coworkers. And my mom was very close with his wife. And then they ended up moving away about 10 years ago - and that too was hard on my dad.
So...I'm glad he has another good friend. Makes me happy :)

Oh...and dinner tonight was awesome. I had turtle soup (a very New Orleans dish) and steak. MMMMmmm.

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