24 May 2008

I'm in love . . .

. . . and the man in question is short, bald, is a real boob man and loves to drool. To call me a cradle robber would be an understatement!!

I had the GREAT pleasure of spending today with my friend Katie and her son, Clark. Katie and I have been friends...well...ever since I can remember. Our parents were friends pre-k (pre-kids), so it's been a long time.

Clark's daddy flies F-16's and currently he and his family live very far away...so this was my first chance to get to meet him in person! I took a bunch of photos - but unfortunely will have to wait until I get back to SF in order to post one.

He is the cutest. Boy. Ever. And I'm not just saying that because his momma and I have been friends for so long. Truly, he is a beautiful baby. He's 5 and a half months old, and is just the happiest, smiliest bundle around. I got to play with him a lot today and get to know this little guy. It's amazing, actually, to look up on my wall at home and see a pic of me and K in matching pj's circa kindergarten...and then spend all day today holding her SON. wow.

Anyway...I'm absolutely smitten and am so proud to be "Auntie" to this little tyke.

And pretty soon, baby Clark is going to be joined by ANOTHER little honoray nephew...Katie's and my dear friend Jen is expecting baby Carter later this summer. Carter, whose daddy flies F-22's and also lives far away, will be giving Clark-o a run for his money in terms of cuteness, especially if he follows anything at all in the footsteps of his older sister, Addie!! Can't wait to meet him!

I am so blessed to have these "nephews" and "niece" in my life. My cup overfloweth, indeed. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! (And miss you guys, too!!)


Jennie said...

Smooches! We love our Auntie Katy so much and wish she lived (or actually we lived because SF is cooler than PC) closer. Many hugs!!!

Bag Blog said...

You sound very much like my daughter Jesse (skybag.blogspot.com). Your day will come.