03 May 2008


I know that as a Christian, I am supposed to claim I rely on God all the time. In good and bad scenarios...etc etc. Well, sometimes it's so easy during the "good" times to forget to do so. At least it is for me. I try, but ... well, I'm human.

On the other hand . . . during times where everything is crappy. Well then it seems much easier to cry out one of those 'oh Lord...You'll get me thru this because you are God' prayers. right?

Well....that is me today. I am physically unwell . . . not sure what is going on, but I've been bowled over by something. You name it. Sinuses, head, stomach and anxiety levels are all *very* unhappy with me. And guess what? Today I get to drive 2 hours one way to the outer reaches of the East Bay for a performance. I AM praising the Lord, however, that my throat does not hurt. So YAY - that means I can still sing in theory. hahhah

Maybe it's just His way of keeping me humble. And if so, than it sure is working.

(side note: Ladies and Gentelmen: please do NOT go to work sick! I had three colleagues come to work with bad colds this week. And really? That is not good coworkershipness. Especially when you work in a small office. Argh.)


Rona said...

You're beautiful and lovely and your voice is perfect and it's all going to work out EXACTLY RIGHT.

I miss you!

Bag Blog said...

Im really sorry you are sick. I may have something similar - so I really feel for you. I will be praying for you.

Mezzo SF said...

Thank you, both!!