21 May 2008

Down to the wire

This news has been floating around the blogosphere and the MSM for a while now…but it is still shocking to me.
I mean…damn…it’s one thing to work at, say, an office and feel underappreciated, or not compensated for your time, efforts, whatever.
BUT let’s say your job entails putting yourself in physical danger everyday, voluntarily going where so many people will not go, and being away from your family/friends/life for more than a year at a time...and THEN you find out you might not have a paycheck after June 15th . . . ???!!!

WTF, Congress?! Can’t make up your mind?
Got spring fever and can’t wait for that Memorial Day BBQ you have planned?


Wyldth1ng said...

The article is misleading, the base pay is in the defense bill that is signed usually in October, except for last year when it was the first week of January. The pay portion that the writer is talking about, is the incentive pays for doing all those "extra" things that "we" have been doing.

Only once in the last 13 years did not recieve a paycheck on time, the very next day that bill was approved, Clinton was in office.

Mezzo SF said...

Wyld - thanks for the clarification!! good to know...