29 April 2008

the irony

I sent a box to P today for his bday. After I sent it, I started laughing to myself, because I realized that out of the food items I sent...most were purchased at Trader Joe's, and were therefore "organic" in nature.

It just cracks me up in retrospect . . . sending organic food to a war zone.
How Californian of me.

But, you *know* . . . the REAL reason that the man of steel himself was able to stop bullets and leap over tall buildings? He must have been eating organic food!



Wyldth1ng said...

It seemed that I could never get banana chips while I was in Iraq, but if I wanted "honey buns" I would recieve a case.

Rona said...

HA! I love your label on this one. And P's going to LOVE the Ode to Organica!!

Mezzo SF said...

Wyld - good to know! Yeah - I guess people might think more about sending "comfort" foods (cookies, honey buns, etc) than healthy ones. If you ever end up in another banana-chipless situation . . . I know where to get some great organic ones ;)

Rona - where have you BEEN all my life...or...well, last week? hahahah! Hey when is Cocktail week?? Tastes like burning!