27 April 2008

Feelin' Groovy

It's been a good weekend. My last free weekend until . . . the end of May. Lots of performing and traveling to do in the meantime! hooray!

Part 1: Music
I spent a good chunk of time this weekend making mix-cd's (how early 90s of me!) for a couple people.

Ty's bday is Tuesday (29 on the 29th!), so I've made a 3-disc retrospective entitled
"A musical safari through 29 years of listening to great music."
Yes. It is awesome, I know. Everything from jazz to Tori Amos to Simon & Garfunkle.

I also burned a few for P, who'll be celebrating #40 in the desert. In his case, they are themed: "music for kicking ass & amping up;" "classical/opera mania;" "everything else, including the kitchen sink."

I'm excited. I've rediscovered a lot of music I haven't listened to in a while - and that was nice.

Part 2: Film
AZ and I went to see "The Life Before Her Eyes".

Holy Crap. That movie did a number on both of us, I think. I literally could not speak after it ended...the theater stayed really quiet for a long time (akin to after, say, Schindler's List or The Pianist). Many were weeping. I know I had tears...
It was a beautiful film. And an horrific one. On a basic level, it was about a girl and a Columbine-esque high school massacre. Having grown up in Denver, where sibling was in high school at the time that that happened...well, let's just say that it all hit a little too close to home for me.

I jumped in my seat several times from the gun shots in the film.

The movie did not have a clean ending. No pretty-bow-tied-around-it-ready-to-go-on-to-the-next-viewer type of thing. No, it chewed at me all night. And it wasn't until this afternoon, waiting in line at the grocery store, that I had some insight into *what* perhaps had actually transpired at the end of the film. I will not spoil it here . . . but man. It was intense.

Part 3: Travel Opportunities
I opened my email to find an invitation from a friend who's turning 30 next year and wants to get a bunch of folks together for a short cruise down to Cabo. It's not until a year from now - but, hey...sounds like fun to me!

Part 4: Long-Distance Friends
I had the chance to catch up with an old friend today who lives a couple time zones East of here. As soon as she called...I knew. I knew what she was going to say. And I was right. Let the baby parade continue!! One more honorary niece (or nephew?!) for me!! I'm so excited :)

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Bag Blog said...

Part 2: Hmm, thanks for the heads up on the movie. Some movies you just have to be ready for them. Those that sock you in the gut, well, I would just rather be prepared.

Part 3: Any excuse to travel is good!

Part 4: Honary Aunt is a good thing. Your day will come.