20 April 2008


In answer to the question "What is spirit gum?"

It's a funk-nasty liquid adhesive used to stick the following to one's face (for theatrical purposes):

1. Facial hair (sideburns, mustaches, etc)
2. Lace fronts on wigs, so that they blend in seamlessly and appear more real (especially over the temples if it won't lie flush)
3. Prosthetics (noses, "scars", chins, etc...)

It hurts like a mo-fo to remove most of the time, especially for those of us with the sensitve skin. And it requires its own special "spirit gum adhesive remover". The most basic form is a solution of gum in ether. Good stuff right there.

I keep some backstage for use in cases #2 and #3. Or for stopping a run in my tights.

Men use it mostly for facial hair - especially when doing period pieces involving lots of lambchop sideburns and the like. I have to admit, though, that there have been many times I thought it would be hilarious to sport a mustache...especially when playing a crotchety, old Italian woman. Ha! (But somehow the directors never go for it...lol)


Wyldth1ng said...

That is unbeleivable. I thought camo paint was bad, I take that back. I feel sorry for you, really.

Mezzo SF said...

*sigh*...how I suffer for my art... :)

[Seriously, I'm just floored that a Marine feels sorry for me! How is that even possible?
Thanks for the sympathies, though! ;)]

Mezzo SF said...
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Bag Blog said...

Oh man! That hurts me to just read that.

Did I tell you that my daughter and I sometimes help with the local theater group here? We help build and paint sets - ha! Several of our friends are very involved with the theater and they are pretty darn good for beginner actors and actresses.

Mezzo SF said...

Bag: That is awesome!
Well-painted/made sets are a BIG deal...they really make the show come together. (And bad sets...well, lets just not go there...ack!)

Mezzo SF said...

oh...and that was my deleted comment. i accidentally posted the same thing twice.