22 March 2008

USMC vs. Berkeley. Again. But different.

Last month, there was much ado over the whole Bezerkely city council vs. the Marines vs. Code Pink imbroglio. As well there should have been. (My money was on the Marines).

Today, there was a pro-troops protest rally in Berekely. I LOVE it. You can check out the story in this article on SFGate. Again...my money's on the USMC (and the Bikers).

- - -

Speaking of the military....what's up with all the Humvee's in San Francisco? I am now keeping count this week and I've seen 6 since Wednesday. Not including the Hummer-Limousine I saw downtown this afternoon. Seriously? I just don't get it. The only reason one *might* come in handy here is in the aftermath of our next Big Earthquake (which, assuredly, we'll have); but other than that? Really?
Can you say *compensation*, boys and girls?

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Wyldth1ng said...

I cannot type what I think of Code Pink.

Good article.