20 March 2008

My End of the Phone Call

"Hey, Mom...I've gotta hang up soon, I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

"No, Ma...I'm only going to be at home for a few minutes - enough time to grab my stuff and head back out the door."

"No, I don't have a rehearsal tonight, but I am headed to Bible Study up at the church, and I'm going to take the bus."

"Um...hello? Have you *seen* the news? Gas is over $4/gallon here, so, yeah, I'm trying to take the bus more."

"WHAT? The bus is FINE mother. It's fine. Really. My neighborhood is *fine*. Look, I'm leaving when it's still light outside. No reason to get upset. Seriously...What? No, [Sibling] is not at home...he's still at work. Are you going to get him to talk me out of taking the bus??"

"Come on. You can't be serious. MOM. Do you know how many places I've lived where there's much worse public transportation? Seriously. You realize I've ridden public transportation in countries where I don't even speak the language, right? Right?"

"Wait - no...don't worry. I can always get a ride home. Oh you don't have to get dad involved, Mom, just-"


"Hi, Dad. I don't know. Mom's freaking out over me taking the bus tonight. To church. What? No...it's fine. Really. And I'll get a ride home, I promise."


LT Nixon said...

Haha, sounds like my phone calls to my Mom. Of course she usually cusses me out for not calling more!

Jennie said...

LOL Got to love Sally D :) I could picture the whole thing, word for word, in my mind.