16 March 2008

I *heart* SF

One of the reasons I love SF is by virture of its size; it's a small city. And, well, live here long enough, and you just get to know people.

On Saturday, walking through GG Park with Sibling, a bicyclist zoomed past and I was like...WHOA I knew who that was!


~screeeech~ the biker turns around.

It's my Italian professor, running his weekend errands. We chatted for a few moments, then all went on our merry ways.
- - - -
About month ago, I ran into V in the financial district. I was walking down at a time of the morning I'm never out...but for some reason, that day I was. (In fact, it was almost exactly a year to the day since I had last seen him).
He was like "Why haven't I heard from you?"
Me: "Um...because I emailed you and you never returned my emails..."
Him: "oh, man, well I have a new email address, let me give it to you..."
Anyways...I took his info, but have yet to email him. But I might if a really hot salsa band comes to town or something...
- - - -
Today I saw not one, but two people newly returned to SF, both of whom had been away for a few years. It was really crazy - like, suddenly no time at all had passed, when in reality a TON of time had passed, and we are no longer the same people we were when last we met. Makes me realize that I've lived here for a looong time.

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