01 March 2008

Family Traditions

I am 28 years old. Perhaps different from a lot of people, I did not drink alcohol before I turned 21. What can I say? I was pretty goody-two-shoes. Even when I lived in France during college (and I was not yet 21), I only had wine once or twice. Looking back, I cannot believe that!

All this being said - fast foward to now. I still do not drink alcohol very often. Living in the Bay Area, I've come to appreciate good wine, indeed, but I've never been sick from drinking. I don't like the physical symptoms that come with "drunkness" and the lack of judgement that is often part of that, as well.

Anyways. Tonight. We celebrated Sibling & Shanna's bday at our neighborhood Irish pub. I started out with them there and then progressed on to a *different* Irish pub across town for a going-away party, and then went BACK to the original pub to meet up with my original crew.

When I got back, I was greeted with a round of shots. Now. This is the first time EVER that I have ever "done shots" with my brother. It was a real family bonding moment. We did two rounds of something nasty. Ick.

Anyways. A new leap year tradition, perhaps? hahaha - I'm not sure...but it was fun(ny) to partake of the aforementioned adult beverages with the same man whose toys I used to break.

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