01 January 2008

Starting things off with a bang

2008! Who-hooo!!

I'm sitting on my couch, waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can put in the last of the dirty dishes. I'm trying to hydrate, only now realizing that I did, indeed, drink more wine and champagne than I had originally intended. I'm hoping the water will counterbalance any headaches to come.

As for resolutions? I'm never really sold on that idea. But, at least one thing I'd like to do this year is to send more handwritten letters. [Full disclosure: I've already kind of started that, seeing as I've been writing to P - who's currently serving in the "Big Sandbox" with the Army.]

Here's to a new year!

1 comment:

Rona said...

That's a great idea! I shall join you in said goal. That out there, I will email you my address so you can start HERE. You know, for practice. N stuff.